June 13, 2024


Zion/Hedemarken Parish

202 East Summit Ave

Fergus Falls, MN  56537



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Mission News

Dear Sponsoring Congregations:

We will be back in the States on our scheduled "Home Assignment" again in the summer of 2012 and want to visit as many of your congregations as possible.  We will be arriving in Minespolis on Monday July 16 and will depart for Japan on Wednesday, September 5. This gives us the possibility of being at seven different churches on Sunday. We relate to 25 different sponsoring congregations so it is not possible to see all of you, but we will go to as many places as we can. While back in the States, we also need to have doctors' and dentist visits for physicals as well as attending the Summer Missionary Conference and Consultations for all missionaries in the States this Summer (Kenosha, WI July 23-27). Because of that, it would be good to visit a church either in the Minneapolis area or somewhere in Wisconsin or Illinois on Sunday, July 22.

In the past we have discovered that not as many people can attend during the week. However those visits with a smaller number of people have been some of the most meaningful and pleasant visits we have had.  Please do not shy away from a weekday stop if Sunday does not work. If you are willing to suggest at least two different times, I will attempt to put a summer schedule together. I may have to follow up with individual contacts as we proceed with this.

We will be based in St. Paul at the missionary apartments.

Our addres is:

Jim & Carol Sack

1550 Eustis St.  Apt. J
St. Paul, MN  55108

We do not know a phone number yet but will supply that as soon as possible.

In Christ, Jim and Carol Sack